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Help during the coronavirus pandemic

National Advice and Help

What you can and cannot do can be found here.

For the latest Government advice on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak please go to Government Advice

For NHS advice please go to NHS Advice

For help when you are isolating at home go to NHS Responders

Kent Advice and Help

For help from Kent County Council and 24hour helpline go to Kent-Together

For Mental Wellbeing support in Kent please go to  Wellbeing

For help from Domestic Abuse

For support for business or charities in Kent

For Test and Trace support on low income if you cannnot work

Help in Egerton

Friendly Volunteers. 

The Parish Council has created  a list of people who live in Egerton and have volunteered to actively help vulnerable people in the village with simple errands like shopping, collecting prescriptions or just a friendly chat.

To protect yourself and the volunteers, please follow the Government advice on protecting yourself from COVID 19.
Whilst we know all the volunteers on the list we are unable to undertake DBS and identity checks. No volunteer needs to enter your house or ask for any personal information.

It’s Good to Talk. 

The most useful thing we can all do is to look out for each other by keeping in regular contact with our neighbours.  For those who have to stay at home, a friendly chat on the phone or over the garden fence can make a big difference.  Please don’t be shy to offer or accept help.

We are making a difference

“Another of my ladies called this morning - she is likely to need support as she has no family nearby and is concerned about her mental health in the weeks to come. She was also extremely grateful and quite tearful at the goodness in our village 😊”

Do you need or know someone who needs some help?
Please contact Pat Parr (phone 01233 756601) or Peter Rawlinson (phone 01233 756393)