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History of the Parish Council

Most Parish Councils grew from an Ecclesiastical Parish when Civil and Ecclesiastical Parish law split in the 19th century. According to the Parish records, Egerton Council was established at a meeting on 4th December 1894.   Unfortunately, the minutes do not record where it was held.  George Pearson was proposed as Chairman, and 16 residents put their names forward as Councillors.  The following were elected:

  • George Coppins
  • Henry Grigsby
  • Francis Mercer
  • George Homewood,
  • William Hooker
  • Herbert Millgate
  • Horatio Missing

The first official Parish Council meeting was on 20th December 1894 in the local school.  Reverend Francis Mercer was elected Chairman. Henry Grigsby Vice Chairman and George Pearson appointed Clerk.
Revered Mercer was Chairman until April 1896, when Horatio Missing took over the position and held it until April 1912.  As now, meetings were held monthly.  The first Annual Parish Meeting happened on 27th March 1895. 

From 1942, meetings took place in the Parish Hall.  Meetings moved to the Committee Room in the new Village Hall in 2000

Up to the present day, many longstanding Egerton family names such as Missing, Weeks, Ledger, Homewood, Oliver, Pearson, Gore, Harmer and Pack continue to appear on the Council.    Tim Oliver has served the Council as Chairman. Phil Oliver (Tim’s father), held the post of Clerk for 29 years and retired in 1965.  

Many long-standing Councillors stepped down in May 2000. This included Tim Oliver and Jeff Hopkins who had served on the Council for over 30 years.  Tim Lee was elected Chairman in May 2007, stepping down in 2011. He was succeeded by Alison Richey. Alison stepped down due to ill health, after three and a half years. The current chairman is Richard King.

Clerks to the Council

  • Sue Palmer (over 20 years until May 2006)
  • Tessa Hilder  (May 2006 – November 2007),  
  • Lois Tilden,  (October 2007 – May 2011),  
  • Claire Finley (March 2011 – October 2012)
  • Heather James (September 2012 to December 2020)
  • Sonia Young (January 2021 - in post)

With thanks to Sue Palmer who kindly wrote this brief history of the Council