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Welcome to Egerton Parish Council

Pluckley Water Main Replacement

For the latest news see here: New water main installation in Smarden Road, Pluckley | South East Water

These works inevitably cause inconvenience to Pluckley residents but also all of us living in the surrounding villages. This is unavoidable, but it will help if we can all:

1) Keep to the official Diversion Routes and please don't use single track lanes as a shortcut

2) Keep our speeds well down 

3) Be patient and considerate to other road users - remembering that many enjoy the country lanes for exercise on foot, bicycle and horseback.

For help and  information related to Covid 19

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Further information can be found by using the tool bar above or contacting the Clerk

Clerk to Egerton Parish Council

Sonia Young 01233 756501

Tuesday 9.00am to 3.00pm Thursday 9.00am to 3.00pm

During Covid 19 restrictions please phone for an appointment